Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm "home alone" for the first time in 25 years!! How the hell did I let that happen ? Really, I can't remember the last time I had more than an evening to myself! The boys are in Cancun and I am not. I suppose I could have juggled things so that I could go, but I was morbidly curious about how it would feel to spend time in my own company??? Actually, it's not too bad, bit boring but has potential! I joined the gym and cleaned the car and did some yard work and cleaned the house from top to bottom and washed all the beds and ate a family size bag of liquorice allsorts and a bag of maltesers. I'm working my way through a large bottle of wine and tonight I'm watching the Dead Like Me movie. I might have a bath, I might not. (don't really want to make it dirty!) I made myself a healthy dinner and healthy lunch for tomorrow and wrote a story. So far, so good. Can't help feeling that I'm missing out though, specially since the boys wrote and said they are "having the best time ever in Paradise"!) Somehow folded corners on the toilet rolls and no floors to sweep don't seem so much fun :0(
It's not as scary as I thought it would be, though. As long as I don't allow myself to watch Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State I am doing OK. Just wish it was as relaxing as I imagined though!! I haven't been able to sleep well so far .  In between the hot flashes I realise I miss hubby's body heat. It's a case of bed socks on, bedsocks off blankies on blankies off... I wake up feeling like I've just gone to bed. Hopefully I'll figure this out just in time for the return of the "men"! The other thing I'm having a problem with is ME! I never realised how BORING I am!!! Honestly, I'd have a conversation with myself but I've got nothing to talk about! HuH, who knew! Thank God for TV! I did take out my meditation CD's, maybe I'll give them a whirl, or maybe I could eat something. Heck, maybe I could eat AS I meditate!? It's my vacation too!! 
 I'm sort of reluctant to admit it, but hubby was right when he said "you'll miss us as soon as we're gone!" Bugger!!! I hate it when he's sorta right! What's that song "you don't know what you've got till its gone..."? So true!!! Funny, when my other half is working overnight or for a full weekend, I can't say I REALLY miss him (don't tell him that!) but I'd only just returned from the airport, put on an Aaron Neville CD and started my bedmaking and all of a sudden I was filled with this nostalgic "urge" to see his dimply smile (not the hairy faced, grumpy visage I've taken for granted for the past 12 years,) but the "oh so cute, he's SO French grin that won me over the minute I opened the door on our first date and saw him leaning there in his fringed, Davy Crocket jacket " smile that everyday life seems to have pushed to the back closet of my memory. It's nice, that feeling, I'd sort of forgotten it and I'm looking forward to missing him some more this week because of it! Isn't life funny??? Oops! now I need to pee but I don't want to have to disturb the pointy edged toilet roll???? Aaaaagh, I wish they'd hurry home so I can get back to my slovenly ways!


roseygirl said...

I haven't been online much the last few weeks, we had our rent review and our rent is nearly doubled as of June 1st so we are now looking to move we are thinking of moving off the North Shore but finding a place that allows a little dog is proving to be very difficult.

I love when I get the house all too myself, I usually watch movies that my hubby and son are not into like the Harry Potter Movies or girly type movies :) In fact my hubby is sick with the flu so he has been in bed all day and my son was out until 3.30AM as it was his 19th b-day yesterday so he has slept all day on the couch, so I have been sitting knitting and watching all the Harry Potter Movies, it has been a rather relaxing day :)

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